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Wide Waistband Leggings - For Women

Wide Waistband Leggings - For Women

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Dott Jeans - For Women

high-waist leggings with a wide elastic waistband and visible seam detail.

67% viscose · 28% polyester · 5% elastane.



1. WAIST: For measuring the waist first button the pants up. Next spread the pants flat on the surface, and remove any fullness and wrinkles from it.

2. FRONT RISE: With the pants buttoned up, spread the pants on the floor or table; next remove all wrinkles, and measure this region by starting from crotch seam spot to the spot of the waistband.

3. HIP: Measure across the hip area, this is in most cases 1 1/2 inches below the zipper.

4. THIGH: Starting at the crotch seam and ending 1–2 inches below the hip area.

5. LENGTH: With the pants buttoned up, spread the pants on a table, floor or any other flat surface, with outseams on both corners. After removing all wrinkles and any fullness, measure the length from the top of the waistband.

6. KNEE: Next remove any wrinkles and fullness if present. Measure across the knee area.

7. INSEAM: Having the pants buttoned up, spread the pants on a surface flat. Now measure the inseam gap from the crotch, at the spot where the front and back seams meet, exactly where, depends on the length you desire ultimately.

8. LEG OPENING: Now in the last step follow the same pattern as the previous steps, which is spread the pants on a flat surface e.g. table or floor. After removing any fullness or wrinkles, start measurement beginning from one side of the leg opening to the other side of the leg opening.






We work with monitoring programs to ensure compliance with our social, environmental and health, and safety standards for our garments.

To assess compliance, we have developed a program of audits and continuous improvement plans.


Nowadays, recycled polyester is mainly made out of recycled PET plastic, such as plastic bottles.

Whenever you throw a plastic bottle into a recycling bin, it is taken to a waste separation and classification plant. There, the different types of plastic are separated so they go to the best place. The PET plastic is cleaned, shredded, and recycled into new recycled polyester fiber, among other products.

This way, we are able to give plastic waste a new life and reduce our consumption of virgin unprocessed materials.


We only use recycled polyester certified by organizations that monitor the process from the source to the final product. At present, we work with:

Global Recycled Standard (GRS)
Recycled Content Standard (RCS)

Care Instructions


These garments are produced with technologies that reduce water consumption in their production processes.

The garment dyeing and washing processes consume the largest amount of water. Using closed circuits that allow us to reuse water or employing technologies such as low bath ratio machines or mass dyeing, which reduce water consumption, helps us to preserve freshwater resources.


Caring for your clothes is caring for the environment.

Lower temperature washes and delicate spin cycles are gentler on garments and help to protect the color, shape, and structure of the fabric. Furthermore, they reduce the amount of energy used in care processes.

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Delivery according to the province

Exchanges and Returns
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The cost of ordering is the same as the delivery cost and is deducted from the refund amount.

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